The Croner Company Confidentiality Commitment for Quick Response Surveys - The Croner Company

The Croner Company conducts each Survey as an independent third party on behalf of the Survey’s participants. The Croner Company guards and ensures the confidentiality of each participant’s data as well as that of the Survey report. Survey reports, data, special analyses and results are distributed to Survey participants only and will not be sold or otherwise distributed to non-participants by The Croner Company or any third party. The sponsor will receive the same report as all other participants, with its own data excluded from the report. Neither the sponsor nor any other participant will be allowed access to the data provided by each participant.

All Survey participants are required to sign a statement that confirms that they will abide by confidentiality standards and not share usernames or passwords, make copies, allow copies to be made, distribute electronic files, or otherwise reproduce or share any part of the Survey report results or data with non-participating organizations, divisions, entities or individuals.