Compensation Trends in Online/Mobile Positions - The Croner Company

Nearly all companies conduct at least some of their business via the internet or mobile devices. Attracting and retaining the digital talent needed to create online media and conduct ecommerce can be challenging. Below are a few of our recent observations about the use of equity grants, the movement in total cash compensation and revenue measures used to compensate digital ad sales employees.  The findings are based on the most up-to-date survey data on digital positions, the 2014 Croner Digital Content and Technology Survey.

Use of Equity Grants

  • Substantial equity values were granted in the past year among top executives and in selected job families.

Movement in Target Total Cash Compensation

  • Target Total Cash Compensation generally increased in 2014 compared to 2013 (although not in all job families or regions; see Survey data to determine market movement for a particular job).
  • For Data & Analytics positions, median base salaries tend to be higher for positions which are responsible for Big Data.

Revenue Measures for Digital Ad Sales Incentive Plans

  • In digital ad sales incentive plans, the majority of plans measure achievement of goals based on revenues only, rather than a combination of financial and/or qualitative measures.
  • For most ad sales management positions, the revenue measure is team-based. For individual contributor ad sales positions, the revenue measure is typically based on individual ad sales revenue.

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