Croner International Survey - The Croner Company

We are pleased to announce plans to launch a new Croner International Survey in 2014.  We recognize the growing importance to our client companies of global compensation information. For over five years, The Croner Company has conducted an international supplement to some of our industry-specific Surveys. We now will conduct one comprehensive International Survey to include positions from all the industries we survey, i.e., those where creativity and technology meet.

The Croner International Survey will focus on US-based companies with major overseas operations. It will cover a broad range of countries where many of our participants have reported a need for compensation data.


Participant Companies

Companies from long established surveys conducted by The Croner Company will be invited, including participant companies in the Croner Digital Content and Technology Survey, Croner Animation and Visual Effects Survey, Croner Entertainment Survey, Croner Software Games Survey and CTHRA Cable Programmers / Broadcast Networks Compensation Survey.

Job Families and Position Grids

The Survey will cover positions relevant to our specialized industries such as production, technology and engineering, content, design, marketing and sales. When there are sufficient data, industry-specific cuts will be reported. Further details on the job families will be available later this year.

Survey Schedule

The Croner International Survey will launch in 2014 with the questionnaire being shipped in March 2014. Target report date is September 2014.

Participation Fee

The participation fee is under development and will depend on the final scope of the Survey.

If you have interest in discussing further details of the Survey, please contact Laurie Krashanoff at 415-485-5521.