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The inaugural Croner Licensing Survey, launching as a supplement report to the Croner Entertainment Survey in 2015, will be conducted annually for companies that create and actively license intellectual property (“IP”).  The Survey will report on positions both in inbound and outbound licensing roles (licensors and licensees) across multiple job families and levels.

2015 Croner Consumer Product Licensing Position Grids

Position Grids and Job Families Reported

To view a pdf of the complete list of jobs by family and by level, please click here:
2015 Croner Consumer Product Licensing Position Grids

Job Families

  • Franchise
  • Licensing
  • Creative
  • Product Development
  • Retail
  • Quality Control

Position Data Reported

For Every Position:

  • Number of Incumbents Reported
  • Number of Companies with Match
  • Geographic Composition
  • FLSA Status
  • Total Average Supervised
  • STI Eligibility
  • STI Awards Received
  • STI Targets
  • LTI Eligibility
  • LTI Awards Received
  • Base Salary
  • Target Total Cash Compensation
  • Actual Total Cash Compensation
  • Actual Cash Awards as % of Base Salary
  • Annualized NPV of LTI Awards
  • Total Direct Compensation

Data Cuts Reported Where Relevant:

  • Geographic Area - Metropolitan Area and U.S. Region
  • Company Revenues - for VP level and above
  • Industry
  • Specialty / Scope - for selected Licensing and Product Development positions, reporting the incumbent’s responsibility in the areas of Publishing (Digital & Print Publication), Hard Lines (Dolls, Toys, Plush, Non-Apparel), Soft Lines (Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Costumes, Role Play, Home Goods), Interactive (Games, Apps, Casino Games), Consumer Electronics, Consumables (Shampoo, Vitamins, Food), Pets and Multi or Miscellaneous. For selected Creative positions we will as if responsibility includes design or character design.


Policy Data Reported

  • Short-term incentive plan design information including company bonus and licensing-specific plans
  • Long-term incentive plan design information

Survey Schedule

Data Effective Date:  June 1, 2015
Report published:  October 2015

Participation Fees

The fee to participate in this Survey is $5,300. The fee includes receipt of the 2015 Full Report along with the Salary Budget Survey Supplement.

The Croner Licensing Survey is a supplement to the Croner Entertainment Survey.  For an additional $2,000 fee, the full results of the Croner Entertainment Survey are available to participant companies of the Croner Licensing Survey.


The Croner Company conducts this Survey as an independent third party to ensure the confidentiality and consistency of the data provided. All data are held in strict confidence and are reported only in summary form. No attribution is made to any specific data from any participating companies. The Croner Company aggregates data using DOJ "Safe Harbor Guidelines" to ensure full regulatory compliance of the Survey report. Survey reports are distributed only to participants and all participants are required to sign an agreement that confirms they will abide by our confidentiality standards.

Register to Participate

Please call Robyn Berry at The Croner Company at (415) 485-5507 or Laurie Krashanoff at The Croner Company at (415) 485-5521.