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Compensation Trends

The Value of Stock Options: A Key Component in the Pre-IPO Employee Value Proposition
Stock options have often been the carrot on the stick for cash-strapped private venture-backed companies (i.e., start-ups).  But like the San Francisco skyline, times are changing.  Are stock options still the golden ticket to employee attraction, motivation and retention – or are we in need of an equity plan tune-up?

Evolution of Compensation Practices in the Software Gaming Industry
As we reflect on our 25th anniversary year of serving the software games industry, we would like to share our knowledge of how the industry—and its pay practices—have “grown up.”  Along with the changing nature of gaming formats, we have seen both the companies and the players that make up industry evolve.

Trends in Cable MSO Organizational Structure
To ensure the continued relevance of CTHRA’s Cable and Satellite MSO Compensation Survey to its participants, The Croner Company undertook a study of the organizations of the cable multiple systems operators (MSOs). From this analysis it was clear that there are two prevailing organization models in the MSO industry. While almost all of the companies responding reported that changes are underway in their organizations, these two models accurately define, we believe, prevailing organization trends among major MSOs operating within the United States.

Career Progression Planning
A well administered career progression plan, regardless of the prevailing economic climate, is an effective means to help retain and continuously to motivate key employees. This paper outlines two models for career progression planning along with the critical elements to make a plan work.

Planning for Equity at an Early Stage Company
You will need to avoid a number of serious pitfalls as your company grows, succeeds and approaches the Valhalla of an IPO.  You must manage your stock allocation process.

Top Eight Elements to Think About When Designing A Sales Incentive Plan
A well thought-out sales plan re-design can attract more experienced sales talent and drive business objectives.  Let our top eight elements guide you to effectively motivate and reward your sales force to achieve performance goals.

Why Participate in Compensation Surveys?
Would you guess at your sales revenue from your top ten customers? Almost all companies, even small ones, use as much valid, competitive data as possible to inform all areas of their operations. How does you company want to make decisions regarding ~70% of its costs?

Do You Need to Build A Restaurant in Your Office?
Urban myth has it that a company cannot compete in today’s digital workplace unless it offers free food, a recreation center and flexible work practices. Is the myth true?

Retailing At The Crossroads
Many traditional brick-and-mortar companies don’t know what the .com employee wants from an employer or how exactly to pay digital positions. It is time to consider new strategies in order to compete in the new world of ecommerce.

What Business Are You Really In?
Retailers are retailers, right?  Perhaps not! The Internet has evolved and is transforming almost all businesses, most in profound ways.