With both subject matter and industry expertise, we comprehensively support Compensation Committees in performing regular and special functions to carry out their role of administering and overseeing executive and Board compensation. We also assist these committees in ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and regulatory reporting.

Executive and Board Compensation Design and Monitoring

  • Developing and monitoring of the continued relevance of peer companies for guiding determination of executive compensation levels
  • Designing executive compensation programs, from base salaries to equity to perquisites
  • Designing and updating short-term executive incentive plans
  • Designing and updating equity or long-term incentive plans
  • Designing deferred compensation programs
  • Designing and monitoring Board of Directors compensation plans

Support to Board of Directors Compensation Committees

  • Conducting independent, market-based assessments of current executive compensation programs
  • Performing independent reviews of employment agreements / contracts
  • Assessing and monitoring the risks of executive compensation programs, particularly incentive plans
  • Supporting regulatory and legislative compliance and policy development in response to new regulations, including in-depth support on 409(A) issues and regular legislative updates and alerts
  • Supporting the drafting of the CD&A section of proxy statements
  • Reviewing and monitoring all elements of CEO compensation
  • Developing and making regular presentations on trends and emerging issues in executive compensation in relevant industries; conducting special compensation surveys, as needed
  • Conducting regular material review sessions with the compensation committee
  • Supporting negotiations related to hiring executive officers
Our Qualifications