Stemming from our extensive consulting experience, we have deep knowledge of compensation challenges specific to each industry segment. Here are some of the industries in which we have significant expertise.

Digital/Mobile Content and Services

  • For 23 years, we have surveyed and developed compensation programs for companies that develop and publish frequently updated digital and mobile content, provide internet search functionality, or conduct high volume online and/or mobile transactions.
  • Our participant companies include native digital companies which are the “market makers” for compensation.
  • Our consulting services include compensation structures and practices for established industry leaders and emerging companies, with a particular specialty in digital advertising sales incentive plans.

Software Games

  • We have surveyed and developed compensation programs in this industry for 29 years, producing up-to-date market data for U.S. and international video gaming positions.
  • Our participant companies represent nearly 90% of the revenues of the U.S. Software Games industry.
  • Participant companies develop and publish in all current platform types, including mobile, social, MMO, console, PC and casino gaming.
  • Our consulting engagements have included total compensation structures, product development plans, sales incentive plans, equity plans and equity-like plans.

Animation and Visual Effects

  • We have surveyed compensation data and practices of major companies in these industries for 25 years.
  • All of the major U.S. animation studios in participate in our annual survey.

Cable Programmers and Broadcast Networks

  • We have surveyed compensation data and practices specific to the broadcast and cable television programming industry for the past 18 years.
  • Our participant companies include all of the top 25 cable programming networks and all five national broadcast networks.

Cable and Satellite Multiple Systems Operators

  • We has surveyed compensation data and practices for multiple system operators and connectivity providers for 18 years.
  • Companies participating in our survey represent a majority of the industry players nationwide.

Entertainment: Film and Television Production and Distribution

  • We have surveyed compensation data and practices of major film studios as well as television production companies and other production houses for the past seven years.
  • Survey participants include all of the major U.S. film studios along with companies that produce entertainment content across television and digital networks.

Biotech / Pharmaceuticals

  • We have developed compensation programs in this industry for 17 years.
  • Clients have included start-up and established companies in biopharma, biological R&D, drug discovery, medical device manufacturing and life science technology.
  • Our consulting engagements have included market pricing, competitive assessments, total compensation structures, executive compensation, board consulting and equity plans.

Nonprofit Organizations / Foundations

  • For the past 10 years, we have worked with foundations and mission-driven nonprofit organizations to develop their compensation and benefits programs.
  • Our consulting engagements have included labor market and compensation peer identification, developing a stated compensation philosophy, developing competitive salary ranges applicable for all markets, benefits and retirement assessments, and employee and management compensation program training and communication.
  • We have particular strength in assisting operating foundations that operate programs for targeted constituents.  Operating foundations compete for talent from other grantmaking foundations as well as from organizations with similar programs.  Pay ranges need to be rationalized to balance the need to compete for talent with both “markets.”
  • Our clients range from foundation CEOs and Heads of Human Resources to the Compensation Committees for the Board of Directors.


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